ethical theories

    Read Velasquez, Chapter 2: Ethical principles in business, pp. 54-81; pp. 95-100 [2.5: An Ethic of Care; 2.6. Integrating Utility, Rights, Justice and Caring; and pp. 104-110 [2.7.3, Moral Virtues; 2.7.5, Studying Virtue Theory in the Real World and 2.7.6, Virtues and principles] 

    (i) Question #1,  p. 116. In your viewJustice? Explain.
        (ii) Working for Eli Lilly and Company, p. 72. Questions #1&2
    (iii) Case study 2.2: Testing Drugs in Developing Countries, pp. 118-120.  Questions #1&2

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