ethical, moral and legal issues in business and society.

    summarize the following:

    1. Introduction-plot summary: not an entire description of the movie-identify the ethical/moral issue(s) that you will examine in this paper. (1-2 paragraphs).
    2. Ethical issue(s) clearly identified-explain them. Write about the stakeholders, social damage, and/or global damage. (1-2 paragraphs).
    3. Apply an ethical framework to the issue(s)-based on utilitarianism, rights, justice, caring, virtue.
    4. Because this is an ethics class-conclude with a value statement.  What does the film portray humanity?  What does it teach, motivate, change in us? A film is an art form so your interpretation and reaction are important.
      This is not a film review-I don’t care about the special effects or the entire plot so It is important to prioritize the most important moral/ethical aspects of the story to analyze and illustrate principles of sound ethical reasoning and maturity.
    The attachment will be the rubric on how it will be grade.

    this is the link for the movie:

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