Ethical Considerations(Power Point)


    You are a nursing manager of the education and innovations department at a large nonprofit academic medical center. You do work at the flagship hospital, but there are three additional campuses and several affiliated facilities throughout three additional states. Therefore, technology is heavily relied upon for consistent and reliable communication for interdisciplinary care. Recently, the CNO sent you a patient satisfaction survey highlighting how impressed this patient was with their nurses timeliness of answering their questions. The patient continued to share that the nurse used their personal cell phone to reach out to the patients provider to get clarification of the patients discharge instructions. The patient loved their quick response and wanted to highlight this as a best practice for all healthcare professionals.


    You have just completed a technology usage assessment of the healthcare staff across departments, and it has come to your attention that several nurses occasionally communicate with medical providers through text on their personal cell phones, using their phones messaging service. The nurses found that they are able to meet their patient needs more quickly. Your assessment also discovered that a nurse used their personal cell phone to take a picture of a patients foot ulcer. The picture was posted on social media as a reminder to diabetics the importance of managing their blood sugars. As the nursing education manager it is your responsibility to ensure staff are following the hospital polices and your technology assessment has highlighted that the staff is in urgent need of HIPAA training and Smart Phone use.

    Using the scenario above create a mandatory training for all staff using PowerPoint with voice over including the following:

    Examine personal Smart Phone use and its implications in Healthcare
    Identify and explain a minimum of 3 unethical uses of Smartphones in healthcare (including text messaging and pictures)
    Discuss potential benefits to appropriate Smartphone use in healthcare
    Examine judicious use of Social Media and its implications in Healthcare
    Potential benefits to appropriate use of Social Media in healthcare
    Identify a minimum of 3 unethical uses of Social Media (as reviewed by NCSBN)
    Describe regulatory bodies and Ethical Frameworks used to protect Personal Health Information (PHI)
    Investigate the role of HIPAA, HITECH, and Nursing Code of Ethics
    Determine the legal consequences associated with unethical or illegal Smart Phone and Social Media use.

    Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
    Logical, original and insightful
    Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format
    Submit document through Grammarly to correct errors before submission

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