Ethical and Legal Aspects of I-O Psychology

    View the case study presented in the Ethical Challenge: Scenario 5 multimedia presentation, which details the ethical quandary faced by an HRM consultant. Put yourself in the position of an I-O psychologist who is guest-lecturing at a conference of HRM professionals. Suppose you have been asked to speak about your approach to addressing the ethical and legal quandaries posited by the case study.

    Write a transcript for your lecture. Reference I-O psychology theory, law, or ethics codes to support your analysis, integrating at least two resources from SIOP and two resources from SHRM.


    Include the following in your transcript:

    Analyze the relevant ethical issues, using I-O theory. What sources should be consulted to provide guidance?
    Critique the advice given to you by your MacDonald Pfeiffer colleague in the case study. What model or theory would you use for guidance?
    Investigate confidentiality concerns presented in the scenario.
    Analyze a course of action that upholds the ethical, legal, and contractual obligations of the consultant. Cite relevant I- O psychology and legal sources to support your analysis. Who might you consult for assistance?
    Discuss ethical issues that you think might benefit from further research.

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