Hi there! I am applying for a four year scholarship to Berea College in Kentucky. The essay requirements are: 1. An overview of your educational and life experience;
                                2. What you plan to do after completing your education;
                                3. Why you wish to return (or not return) to your home country;
                                4. Description of ways you have positively impacted your community;
    I am going to write the essay briefly to you to get general information about me which helps you to write essay.

    My name is Zhanat Kalmakov, I was born in Kyrgyzstan.(09/10/2000) I grew up in a beautiful country. I studied in a village named Taldy Suu. After graduating 9th grade(General Secondary Education in 2016) I applied for two years (associate degree ) college in Bishkek (capital of Kyrgyz Republic and Kyrgyzstan are same country). The speciality was “Translation Studies”. While I was studying at college in the second year of my education, I won a fully funded  scholarship for an academic year in China. I was one of the best students in my college. I’ve been class monitor in my college and in China as well. In 2017 I went to China. The University which cooperates with my college is Shandong University of Technology.  It was incredible educational and life experience. Living in a country with diverse culture is awesome. In addition, by the end of exchange program in China I also won fully funded four year scholarship with monthly payments 2500 Chinese Yuan. I had to refuse of that scholarship because I had to return to Kyrgyzstan to complete my associate degree. I’ve always been an activist and been participating many kind of events. I like volunteering, it gives me a lot of experiences. After coming back from China in 2018. I graduated from college, I was awarded the qualification of Kyrgyz-Chinese Translator(2019). There is a Government Scholarship in China provided by Confucius Institute. In 2019 I also won fully funded four year scholarship with monthly payments 2500 Chinese Yuan. Unfortunately, I had to refuse again because I really wanted to go to the USA because of the high education. After getting my associate degree, I decided to apply for American colleges. At that time my English was poor, and I applied for ESL classes. I am currently living in Seattle attending Seattle Central College. I’m still taking ESL classes. My aunt is my sponsor, and she has been paying my tuition. My dream is to become a professional specialist in Computer and Information Science. I am fluent in Chinese, Russian, Kyrgyz, learning Enlgish (almost fluent).
    Regarding the requirements of the essay: 1. I think the information I gave you helps to complete the first.       
                                                                    2. After completing my education I’m going to start my career and also help my community in IT sphere.
                                                                    3. I would like to stay for a particular time to use my knowledge to become a professional in Computer and Information Science. After that I will definitely return to my home country.
                                                                      4. I think you can provide your ideas because my English is not very good to write about that.

    If you need any additional Information from me you can email me
    Thank you so much!

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