Kairos Days Kairos, in rhetorical theory, is defined as an adaptation of a discourse to a given moment in time. For our current political moment, this will mean a reflection and response to events and controversies that now, thanks to digital and social media, move at lightning speed. On the day of (Tues or Thurs) I will post a topical prompt (based on a reading and/or current issue surrounding politics and media) under the heading Kairos day #1, Kairos day #2, and so forth. The goal will be 300 words, and due the next day (to approximate in-class writing). Spend about 30-60 minutes on this, focusing mostly on substance. Ive based these on local, national, and international issues in the past, and I will plan to integrate our reading material and course content into the prompts, as this will help you demonstrate another form of participation. Im also happy to receive topic suggestions that fit with the class via email!

    Kairos Day #4 prompt:

    Responding to the following article (email me if you are out of free articles from the atlantic!), consider the role of college “life” vs. college education (and feel free to use examples from and/or critique the article itself, as well as from the context and rhetorical situation of DU as a campus itself); if you want, you can also consider the role that writing plays in this moment of having college “life” play out very differently for you this year.

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