equilibrium chemical reaction:

    Watch the following video that illustrates a series of experiments that demonstrate Le Chateliers principle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOYyCTvLa9E

    In this video, you will observe several examples of external stresses that act upon the equilibrium chemical reaction:


    Each stress will serve to either add or remove reactant or product.

    A)  Describe what happens when iron nitrate or potassium thiocyanate (reactant) are added to the control tube? Describe your observation in the context of Le Chateliers principle.

    B)  Describe what happened when sodium hydroxide was added to the control tube?  Does the addition of sodium hydroxide add or remove a reactant or product?  If so, clearly state the effect of adding sodium hydroxide and how equilibrium shifts to relieve this stress.

    C)  Similarly, describe what happened when potassium chloride was added to the control tube?

    D)  Next, describe what happened when silver nitrate was added to the control tube?

    E) Lastly, describe what happens when Mercury (II) Nitrate was added to the control tube?

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