The goal is to research a disorder and write a 3-5 page research using APA format (see rubric below).
    General Requirements: Instructor may refuse to grade papers that do not meet these requirements (grade=zero)
      General format: APA documentation style
    The narrative portion of the paper is a
    minimum of three complete pages and a maximum of five pages.
    o Pagesarecountedexcluding graphics or long quotes.
    Paper is submitted following the instructors directions
    All verbatim quotes of 3 words or more must be set apart from your own words with quote marks or a block quote.
    All paraphrased statements are cited. Cases of plagiarism will be penalized
    according to ME policy
      Papers submitted after ______________________ lose 5 points a day (excluding Sundays)
    Papers submitted after ______________________ (2 weeks after due date) will receive a 0.
    APA format
    o 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri font used throughout o Entirepaperisdoublespaced
    o Margins are 1″ on all sides
    o TitlePageformattedcorrectly
    o Narrativebeginsonpage2.
    o Narrative is a minimum of 3 FULL pages and a maximum of 5 pages. o Pages are counted excluding graphics or long quotes.
    o Running header (left aligned, all caps) and page number (right
    o aligned) on every page including reference pages
    In-text Citations
    o All reference sources and citations match.
    o ProperAPAstyle
    o Citation is correctly incorporated into the sentence it supports o Page or paragraph number included for direct quotes and
    blockquotes used for 40+ word verbatim quotes (double spaced,
    indent all lines 12 inch, no quote marks, cite at end) References Page
    o Page is titled References and appears at the end of the paper o References appear alphabetically
    o Hanging indents and double spacing used
    Reference List
    o Minimum of 4 (four) sources: journal articles, books, reputable
    websites (CDC, NIH, Medline, etc.)
    o References are cited in the correct APA format for the type of
    citation they represent (newspaper, book, journal, webpage, etc.) www.mildred-elley.edu Page 11 of 13
      Last Revised 04/2018 Curriculum Revised: 01/2018

    BIO110 Syllabus
          Grammar and spelling
    Subject/verb agreement
    Proper paragraph division, no run-on sentences Spelling and word use is correct
    Pronoun agreement, no personal pronouns
    o Supportfortopic
    Topic is stated clearly
    All aspects required are covered:
    Description (etiology)
    Affected population
    Other as stated in syllabus
    Information presented is accurate
    All details are supported and cited
    Paper goes beyond a general description of the topic No personal opinion/stories included
    o Focus on topic and sequencing
    Introduction, body, conclusion
    Body of paper is organized into appropriate sections Organization follows a logical flow
    Transition between paragraphs
    Main idea is well supported

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