Environmental Analysis

    Now that you have reviewed the theories of Michael Porter, this is an opportunity for you to connect these theories to the current environmental factors that influence an industry of interest to you. (Michael porter interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYF2_FBCvXw&feature=youtu.be )

    Presentation Content and Requirements:
    Cite Sources
    Choose an industry that is of interest to you in the United States
    Try to go beyond what is right in front of you think of something that you are really interested in it will make this assignment a whole lot more interesting for you (and for me, because your enthusiasm will shine through)
    Provide information for each of the environmental analysis questions listed below in regards to your chosen industry
    Present this information in a Narrated PowerPoint Presentation,( please include narration text of each slide in the notes section of each slide so I can record myself.)

    Use a cover slide with your name, the name of the assignment and your chosen industry (not counted towards the 10 slides limit)
    Max length: 8 minutes
    Be creative with how you present the information
    If you are recording a video presentation, please read or display each question prior to discussing it
    Your presentation should be creative, professional, and interesting to view and listen to

    Environmental Analysis of [enter name of your chosen industry]
    What are the strategically relevant factors in the macro-environment?
    How strong are the industrys competitive forces?
    Identify the 3 strongest common drivers listed on table 3.3 that most likely contributed to these industry changes, and explain the specifics of these drivers as they relate to this industry
    How are industry rivals positioned in the market?
    What strategic moves are rivals likely to make next? Mention 1 or 2.
    What are the industrys key factors?
    Is the industry outlook conducive to good profitability? Give two examples.

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