Enterprise Systems Integration

    *****NEED A 1000 word paper****** and two VISIO DIAGRAMS

    ******Link to company profile ********


    The purpose of this assignment is to identify the services provided by a company and create an enterprise information system (EIS) solution.

    You have been tasked with creating an EIS solution for one of the companies showcased in the “Company Profiles” media. Review each of the company profiles and select the organization that most appeals to you. Using what you have learned from the textbook and your own research:

    Summarize the products or services provided and the customer demographic.
    Create an EIS solution for the company you have selected.
    Be mindful of the business needs based upon what you learned about the company’s size, product or service, customers, and other information available in the company profile.
    Your final project will include a 1,000-word executive summary that contains two Visio diagrams. Include the following specific content for the Visio diagrams and the executive summary.

    Create a UML diagram that displays the interaction between various decision support systems to include ERP, HR system, TPS, and CRM. See figure 8.12 in text for example. This Visio diagram should illustrate the process flow for information systems and how various elements interact with one another.
    Create a Visio diagram that provides a high-level overview of the IT infrastructure that represents the UML diagram. Include servers (DHCP, DNS, AD), Web service/servers (Webserver, databases, etc.), routers, switches, DMZ, client systems, and customer interface on diagram.
    Prepare a 1,000-word executive summary that includes:
    Two Visio diagrams and your recommendation for the system.
    A summary of the company and services provided that require the implementation of the designed decision support systems.
    Justification of the design and specific means that will be used for securing messaging and transactions among the various processes.
    Brief identification of any legal or compliance standards for the organization (e.g., hospitals requires HIPAA; banking requires PCI; education requires FERPA).
    Submit the executive summary with Visio diagrams to your instructor.

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