Astronomy and planetary science have become truly global sciences, and space exploration is now conducted by multinational teams. Knowledge about astronomy belongs to everyone, regardless of nationality or language. Do the Web sites representing these disciplines succeed in making themselves accessible to and useful for a global audience?
    Explore Web sites such as the Planetary Society, NASA, and the European Space Agency, and assess their usability for international audiences. Would non-English speakers be able to access the information on these sites? What efforts are made to inform and persuade international readers? Are language and cultural differences accounted for in the design, content, and interface?
    Draw up a list of key elements and features of each site that contribute to or detract from usability for international audiences. What changes would you recommend to make each site more accessible, usable, and persuasive for non-English readers? Summarize your assessment in a brief memo (see p.164 for the memo format), including the links to specific pages from each Web site that you discuss. Submit as an attachment using .docx or .pdf file formats.

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