Evaluation Argument (Value claim thesis) assignment

    Step one is to choose a subject.  The problem that you perceive as an author is that I (your audience) don’t agree with your aesthetic or moral based opinion on one of the following subjects although I am open minded.  You will be arguing that your opinion is better than mine and trying to get me to change my mind to agree with your opinion. The assignment will fulfill course outcomes 1,2,3,4,and 7 from the syllabus.  Choose one of the following subjects to evaluate.

       A controversial musician or band or song                       Donald Trump

      A controversial athlete                                                        A controversial author or writing

    Sexual Assault/Harassment in Hollywood                          Media’s effect on body image                           

      Human Trafficking                                                                     Net Neutrality

      Ellensburg, WA                                                                           Global Warming issues

    Step two is to choose your value word for the paper’s thesis (your overall opinion to argue).  I want you to use a word or words from the list below because the following words are very vague and can be defined a number of ways during your paper.  This will hopefully give you more freedom to play with definition methods.

    Immoral                                               Terrific                                                  Degrading                           Terrible

    Beautiful                                              Hideous                                               Asinine                                 Uplifting

    Amoral                                                 Obtuse                                                 Moral                                    Effective

    Once you construct your thesis, you need to define your value word in the body of your paper using at least three definition methods (first part of the pro body).  Then you need to match the subject to the definition using at least two pieces of research (second part of the pro body).  You need a con argument also containing one piece of research that disagrees with your thesis.  The paper needs standard introduction and conclusion sections and a Works Cited page.  The paper length should be around four-six pages, typed and double spaced.         


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