End TImes Exercise

    The subject of eschatology, or the End Times, is one that has been on everyones mind in one way or another for the last 150 years.  Whether it was the Y2K threat of global shutdowns because of computer malfunctions, or the regular portrayal of doomsday scenarios on display through movies and other media, we want to know about the future.  The Christian view of the End Times is one filled with hope and can be a source of peace and comfort when we view it through the lens of Scripture.

    Read Chapters 81-92 in Part 9 of the textbook by Charles F. Baker.
    Develop a chart that shows Bakers understanding of the End Times events.  Baker may not deal directly with some of these items, but the Bible passages he refers to will describe the events, so be sure to read the related Bible passages.

    Second Coming of Christ
    Bema Seat/Judgment Seat of Christ
    Great White Throne Judgment
    New Heavens and New Earth
    Lake of Fire
    New Jerusalem

    Ensure your chart includes the following components:
    Use the list of events provided above.
    Place the events in order (sequence) on your chart, according to Bakers understanding.
    Provide a short explanation of what the event is (a definition or description).
    List Bible references for each event.
    Support academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided. 
    Use of APA format is required.

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