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    The answer for part B should be based on resources provided and the research to support your answer should be Australia specific.

    Part 1 (a & b) [500 words]
    – base answers based on the case study.
    – part a: give and discuss rationale for the appropriate circumstances to cease oral hydration and nutrition when providing ELOC
    – part b: refer to ways of effectively communicating to Jos family about cessation of oral nutrition and hydration
    – PART 1 (A & B) should be answered in the clinical context and to the point.
    – requires no introduction and conclusion.
    Part 2 (ESSAY) [1500 words]
    – Academic essay format.
    – Requires introduction and conclusion.
    – No headings or subheadings to be used.
    -The answer should focus on
        role of nurses in EOLC for the older person
        important professional qualities required to efficiently provide EOLC
        clearly explain how RN enacts their role in ELOC
        detail the most relevant tasks to be carried out by the RN providing EOLC
    – The essay should flow and link it together so its cohesive please.

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