Egyptian art and its ties to the afterlife

    Write 150-500 words (excluding citation information).
    Directly address and fully develop all aspects of the prompt.
    Cite at least one image from the eBook Art: A Brief History, as an example in your post. Directly discuss the cited image to support your comments. Include the image’s page number, name of artist, and title of the work in your posting.
    Embed the eBook image you chose to discuss into your post. If you have the newest version of VitalSource Bookshelf, you can copy and paste directly from the eBook into your post. Alternatively, screenshot the artwork (shift-command-4) and then upload the .png file, which saves to your desktop, into your post using the image icon on the toolbar.

    Include the page number or figure number of the eBook image discussed.
    Use quotation marks and an in-text citation when directly quoting a source or the eBook, use an in-text citation when paraphrasing, and end your writing with any necessary reference citations. In-text Citation Example: (Stokstad, page #)
    Should outside sources be used, ensure all outside sources are properly cited. You may use website such as to help you with those. It is important that you credit your sources.
    Wikipedia may not be used.

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