Your final product will be some kind of multimedia project (i.e., website, podcast, video, slide deck, Prezi, etc.) that reviews a form of critical digital literacy. Synthesize what is known about this literacy, how people enact it in daily life, and how one goes about learning this literacy. You are welcome to build upon the self-analysis you did in Mapping Your Daily Media Round, especially to describe the personal relevance of this form/topic. Please consider each part of the term: Why is it critical? Why is it digital? What makes it a literacy? 

    Include a reference list that supports your overview of the form you select and other pieces that advance your analysis. Please be sure to include at least five readings/key concepts from the course activities.

    Below is a list of possible forms of critical digital literacies you may choose from:

    digital activism
    digital mapping/”maptivism”
    digital citizenship/civic engagement
    the quantified self/datafication of personal activities
    online gaming
    coding/auditing algorithms
    software/app design
    some other form you’re interested in
    Your final upload should be a digital product that takes the audience member (your professor) less than 15 minutes to experience. I will also post your projects to the Discussion Board for your group members to consider.

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