EdPs 270 Human Development Across the Lifespan

    EdPs 270 Human Development Across the Lifespan

    Article Analyses are due:  November 1st, December 6th, on Canvas.

    **Contact Mrs. Waite if you feel you need to change your topic**

    Choose a health issue, psychological disorder or problem behavior and discuss how biological, cognitive, socioemotional, and contextual factors relate to it at a particular stage during the lifespan. You can discuss how biological, cognitive, socioemotional and contextual factors influence the problem (e.g., how do neurological problems influence the development of depression), or how the problem affects biological, cognitive, socioemotional and contextual aspects of development (e.g., how does depression influence peer relationships). You may choose any topic in Chapter 4, or other topics in the textbook of interest to you. Below is a brief list of potential topics, but many others are suitable for this assignment. Please contact me regarding questions about your topic choice.

    Each article analysis should cover a different aspect of development (i.e., if you discuss a biological component for your first article, you will need to discuss two different aspects of development for article 2 and article 3).
    Only peer-reviewed sources will be permitted.

    Your analysis will contain three sections:

    Each analysis should include a description of the health issue, psychological disorder or problem behavior. What is it? What are the features? What does it look like during a particular stage in the lifespan? How often does it occur in the population? How does it affect a person in everyday situations? These answers to these questions should be geared towards the aspect of development you are focusing on. In short, address the relevance of the chosen developmental process (cognitive, biological, socioemotional, or contextual) in relation to the chosen topic. (5 points)
    Next, summarize the research article, focusing on the information relevant to your chosen developmental process (cognitive, biological, socioemtional, or contextual). Here, you will summarize and paraphrase the article in your own words, with a clear emphasis on the results (i.e., dont focus on the how the studies were conducted, but what was found and why that information is important). Use of direct quotes will result in an Unsatisfactory score for this section. (15 points)
    Finally, include a reflection on the relevance of this topic to your future profession. First, explain in what capacity you might work with individuals with this health issue, psychological disorder, or problem behavior (e.g. nursing, speech therapy, teaching, counseling, research, etc). Then, discuss instances in which you may encounter the chosen topic within your career. Why is it important for you to learn about and understand this issue in your career? How will your understanding of this issue influence how you work with people? Are there any measures that can be taken to treat or prevent this issue for those who are at risk? (15 points)

    Finally, you will be scored on your ability to organize your thoughts, and follow APA guidelines. Please see the APA support resources on Canvas, and be sure to review your paper for spelling and grammar errors prior to submission.

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