Toward the end of chapter 7 we discuss economies and diseconomies of scale. They both help form the long run ATC curve and have nothing to do with productivity at all, although, the short run ATC curve did. Thinking about this topic discuss examples of economies and diseconomies of scale in your personal life. The goal here is to apply this economic concept to a non-business setting.  I will start you off with one (which you may NOT use) when I was an undergraduate I was living on off-campus and obviously had to take courses to graduate. When setting up my schedule I considered the courses I needed to graduate and as well as the times they were offered. While I enjoyed going to class, I wanted to minimize my trips to campus so I could capture economies of scale in terms of my time, gas expenses, etc. Of course, I did not lump all my classes back to back on the same days as that would have created a diseconomy.

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