Econometrics Paper – Do Smart Growth Strategies Have a Role in Curbing Vehicle Miles Traveled? A Further Assessment Using Household Level Survey Data

    Please write this one in Question – Answer format. The report will be maximum of four pages, single spaced. All STATA results will be attached separately in the Appendix.

    I have included everything you need for the paper in the attachment:

    Writeup Instructions.pdf : The structure for this paper

    Questions.pdf : the questions for this paper

    Chattopadhyay-Tobacco Paper.pdf : The article we are writing about

    Results of from STATA.docx : The result from STATA based on the coding instructions

    Paper-1-Coding-Instructions.pdf : Shows the step required to run analysis in STATA

    Tobacco Calculations-Econ 690.xlsx : The data interpretation you will need for this paper. The interpretation is based on the result from analysis from STATA

    Tabacco Paper data result.dta : In case you want to run the analysis models by yourself, here is the data in dta format  (for STATA) with everything is set, but I don’t think you will need to do it.

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