Dr.Padron ( Read & answer )

    1. Now that you have read Dr. Padron’s personal story, list at least 5-7 things you have learned about Dr. Padron and that you found motivational.  Add your own comments/reflection about his success story: Write a few sentences. How can Dr. Padron’s story be motivational for you?


    2. Discuss 3 Motivational and 3 Time Management success strategies that you will incorporate after you have read this week’s chapter and watched the videos. How do you plan on implementing the strategies in school and beyond?



    3. Describe how you will apply the SMART strategy to set your short-term academic goals (for this semester). Provide specific examples.


    4. Use the example below to begin writing your motivational academic long-term goal and describe how you will apply the SMART strategy to achieve your long-term academic goals (graduating from, entering the workforce, etc.).

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