Dog ownership and cardiovascular health/disease for adults in the U.S.

    Determines the plans background introduction. (150 to 200 words)

    Develops a clear and specific research question that is relevant to the three research studies chosen. (25 words)

    Develops a clear, specific, and testable hypothesis that corresponds to the research question. (25 words)

    Describes aspects of sampling that would be considered while acquiring participants for the study.(100 words)

    Selects a design (experimental or correlational) for the proposed study that aligns with the research question and hypothesis. (100 words)

    Selects a measure to operationally define each of the conceptual variables.(100 Words)

    Describes the type of analysis and the p value required to support the hypothesis. (50 Words)

    Develops the plans discussion content. (250 to 350)

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