Diversity of Race, National Origin, or Religion

    Diversity of Race, National Origin, or Religion
    Choose an article on a current event or a current trend that is related to the experience of people from one of the following
    demographic groups: an underrepresented race, national origin, or religion. Because this is a current event assignment, you
    may choose either a journal article, magazine article, or newspaper article to review, provided the article was published
    within the last five years. You will want to choose an article that is somewhat lengthy in order to provide you with enough
    detailed content to include in your review. Preferably, the article should focus on the context of a workplace, organization, or
    industry. However, if your interest is leadership within the public sector, you may alternatively focus on the context of a
    community, city, county, or state.
    You may select the article from any database in the Waldorf Online Library, including but not limited to the following
    databases: Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, Criminal Justice/ProQuest, General OneFile, LexisNexus Academic Universe, McClatchy-Tribune Collection, Newspaper Source Plus, Opposing Viewpoints, or Psych
    Articles. ORG 6700, Diversity and Inclusion in the Organization Culture 3
    Write a minimum 500-word review of the article. Include the following elements in your article review:
    1. introduction to the overarching topic of the article,
    2. author’s main points,
    3. author’s supporting evidence for each main point,
    4. an analysis of how the article relates to this course’s content and how it applies to real-world situations (If applicable,
    apply the Socio-Cognitive Systems Learning Model to your analysis. Do you recognize any Model I or Model II patterns
    in the current event or trend described in the article?),
    5. a critical evaluation of the main points and supporting evidence presented in this article (evaluation should
    demonstrate critical thinking to inform and substantiate your opinion) and,
    6. conclusion.
    List the title of the article in bold at the top of the paper. Beneath that title, list the entire citation for the article, using APA
    format. Also indicate where (i.e., which database) you retrieved the article.

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