*** I have provide the outline, the only thing that needs to be is talking about it **

    FYI This is from the professor ****I wanted to make sure that you understand that the 250 minimum word count is for your answer to why you have chosen the specific lesson and how you are planning on finalizing your preparation for teaching this lesson. The lesson outline itself does not factor into your overall word count. Please make sure that you have posted 250 words for your thread or I will have to deduct points off for this. If you have already posted your thread and you need to add more, just reply to yourself and add the additional thoughts. Thanks.((((

    One of the positive benefits of collaborative learning activities is that they provide learners the opportunity to interact and engage with their classmates. In many cases, the insights of peers can provide a new or different perspective. For this weeks discussion board, you will be asked to post the outline of the lesson that you plan to use for your final teaching presentation. Then, you will explain why this lesson was chosen and how you plan to finalize the lesson before submitting it.

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