1. Two key takeaways from the lecture (at least 5 sentences for each takeaway)
    2. Key Accounts Management has revolutionized traditional sales force in the past decades. One of the main challenges that all companies face is how to select the right key accounts. Using the criteria proposed by the Sales Benchmark Index, think about the company you most recently worked for (please write Marriott China) and identify 2-3 key accounts for their business. Describe the key account criteria that guided your choice and how your key accounts satisfy those criteria.
    3. A reaction students need to respond to one discussion post by other students that elicited strong reaction. Provide valuable feedback to that student, along with the link to an article from trade magazine (e.g., Skift, HotelNewsNow, BizBash) or a news resource (e.g., NY Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal) that reflects/supports your reaction to your fellow students post.
    Generic posts (e.g. I like this idea; Good job; I completely agree/disagree with this) do not count as a posting. You need to provide meaningful insight and add value to the discussion.

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