Discussion Topics

    The Creative Process

    Please post from among these topics relating to this weeks materials and readings:

    <> Describe which elements of the creative process (Chapter 5) you might employ in your own marketing communications plan, and how.

    <> What experience do you have with graphic and video arts? Do you have favorite production software? Please share any examples and tips with your classmates.

    <> An ad copywriter I know says he gets his best brainstorms when walking his dog on the beach and his mind is absolutely blank. I tend to get my best ideas in the shower, which makes for some soggy draft notes. What’s your best tip for stimulating creativity?

    <> Share any brief excerpts from your task assignment this week on your communication plans target demographics.

    <> What news did you see this week that might relate to our course topics?

    <> Feel free to start your own discussion thread on any related topic, or review an article from the course supplemental website: http://course.wwmr.us/readings.htm

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