Discussion Topics

    Please post from among these topics relating to this weeks materials and readings:
    Answer all of questions.

    <> Have you ever participated in a social program, political, fundraising, or other sort of campaign? Share some details on the campaign strategies, tactics and results.

    <> What are some examples of the best and/or worst public relations practices you have observed?

    <> View a few of the articles posted at the following link, and share any useful suggestions you found from professional media relations practitioners:
    website: www.aboutpublicrelations.net/mediarel.htm

    <> Share with your classmates a component from your task assignment this week: What are the key messages you hope to convey in your communications plan? How will you word them, according to the nature of your target demographics?

    <> What news did you see this week that might relate to our course topics?

    <> Feel free to start your own discussion thread on any related topic, or review an article from the course supplemental website: course.wwmr.us/readings.htm

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