Discussion -Taxation

     Chapter 1- Introduction to Tax


    Chapter 2- Tax Compliance, IRS and Tax authorities


    Chapter 3- Tax Planning strategies and related limitations


    Chapter 4- Individual Income tax Overview, Dependents and filling status




    I need 200-250 words Initial Post and then i will send post of one student, so you can reply it




    The first four chapters present very different aspects of the federal tax system in the United States.  Please reflect on each of the chapters.  Select one chapter and create a short summary of the purpose and content of the chapter.  Identify the relationship of the chapter to one other of the remaining three chapters you have read.


    For example, if you select chapter 1 and summarize the chapter 1 content, you should be able to recognize how that content relates to the subsequent chapters. I might write a paragraph summary that presents chapter 1 as an explanation of the purpose, structure, and history of the U.S. tax system. Of course, my paragraph would consist of more than one sentence.  I would then use this paragraph as a basis for comparison with chapter 2 which explains the structure in place to enforce compliance with the tax system in the U.S. 


    This requires some thought.  The answers or the content will come out of your understanding of the topics.  Allow yourself ample time for thinking and reflection. The “writing” part should be relatively short.

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