Discussion substance use disorder

    Discussion Questions
    How do your own cultural beliefs impact your approach to providing substance use disorder counseling services to clients of diverse backgrounds?
    Is there a particular ethnic or religious group that will provide a more substantial challenge to you than others?
    Does the criminal justice system have a role in the treatment process?
    Have substance use disordered offenders been treated effectively (at all?) by the modern private for profit correctional system?
    Summarize and comment on Conley’s research on the Elkhorn and Nexus programs. What was the bottom line there?

    Respond to each discussion question/topic with a meaningful and thoughtful response.
    Remember, you may assume a conversational style on the discussion boards. You can use first-person references such as ‘I’ and ‘my.’ For example, your discussion responses can say, ‘What I found was…’ and ‘In my experience, I learned that…’ or, ‘What I was left wondering was…’
    For your initial post, be sure to support your dialog by including a citation from an outside scholarly source (i.e., a source that you have secured from the professional literature, beyond those just assigned for the module).

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