Discussion Question: Ethics Of Decision-Making

    Discussion Question: Ethics Of Decision-Making

    Answer the question with citation and reference, No more 400 words and NO PLAGIARISM.


    -Companies and other organizations are faced with important, and often difficult, decisions all the time. These decisions, and the outcomes, could have a significant impact on a number of possible stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders, and/or other members of the larger community. It is therefore important to consider the ethical implications of decision making.


    -What ethical principles or values do you think a company should consider when making decisions? 


    -Do you think organizations today meet these ethical standards? Give examples from your personal work experience or from the media that relate to these principles.


    -Many companies and professional organizations have ethical codes of conduct. If you were asked to develop a short document for your company or organization entitled “Ethical Guidelines for Making Business Decisions,” what key topics would you address?


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