discussion forum

    Answer two question in a separate post. You need to post a link in every forum regardless of whether you have Student’s Choice or not.

    Be aware that articles from “Investopedia” and “Wikipedia” do not count…you need to be more academic than that.

    Please separate your responses to different questions into different postings.

    The topic for the last discussion for this semester is open discussion. This means that you may choose a topic (or topics) to discuss. You have been conducting searches all semester on various energy- finance related topics for the discussion forums and Excel projects. You have likely come across energy industry stories or news that is very interesting, but was not necessarily on topic for that weeks discussion. Introduce some of these interesting topics in this weeks discussion in order to open them up for dialogue.

    topics covered so far –
    1.Introduction to Derivatives Markets and the Mechanics of Futures and Forwards
    2. Financial Options, Real Options, and Energy Industry Applications of Real Options
    3. Petroleum Economics, Risk, and Opportunity Analysis: Some Practical Perspectives
    4.  Financial Statement Analysis for Oil and Gas Companies and Competitive Benchmarking
    5. The Economics of Renewable Energy
    6. Futures Pricing and Hedging with Energy Options

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