Discussion: Ethics in the Community

    Engage the community:
    Begin by finding an ethical issue or social problem that currently impacts or has recently impacted your local or regional community (such as your neighborhood, town or city, county, school district, religious community, or something of similar scope to any of these).
    Briefly summarize the issue or problem, and provide a link to a news article, video, or some other resource that documents the issue or problem so that your fellow students can learn more about it when formulating their responses to you.
    Apply the theory:
    Next, choose one of the ethical theories and discuss how the moral reasoning of the theory might be used to address or resolve the issue or problem.
    Evaluate the reasoning:
    In evaluating the application of the moral theory you may, for example, consider one or more questions like:
    Does this differ from the way this issue is currently being addressed?
    Does it present a better response than another ethical approach would?
    Does the theory present an adequate response to the issue, or does it leave significant aspects of the issue unresolved?
    Does applying the theory to this issue raise other problems or concerns?
    In light of this issue, are there ways the principles or values of the theory might need to be modified from the form that we studied in class?

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