Discussion ch 14

    First, write your Submission: The instructions for this assignment are similar to the one last week (Understanding #1 Self Referent) except instead of reporting how a concept from the textbook explains your past (and thus helps you understand yourself), you are reporting how a concept from the textbook can be used to implement in your life in some way (and thus be “useful” as a strategy to achieve your goals in life). I would highly recommend skimming some examples since this activity is much easier to complete after you see some examples. The basic idea is that when reading the Chapter you paused after each paragraph to ask yourself how to turn that information into a concrete strategy to use in your life. You report one of those instances for the assignment. You don’t have to try the strategy, just brainstorm ideas for how you could use the info in your life. Your post should be two paragraphs:

    Concept: The first paragraph is stating the concept or topic from the chapter. You may copy directly from the text. In fact, I encourage you to just copy/paste the textbook. This first paragraph is typically only a few sentences long.
    Application: The second paragraph describes how that concept could become a concrete strategy. You must provide details. This second paragraph is medium length. The objective is to be articulate and concise. Longer paragraphs do not always mean better paragraphs. The goal is to use the keywords from the concept when explaining how it could be a concrete strategy in this second paragraph.

    (FYI – you need to include the labels “Concept” and “Application” because they are thematic approach or strategy I am trying to help you practice so that when you read something you will naturally learn to ask yourself to concise identify topics and apply what you learned (identify & apply skills).

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