Discussion Board Post and Responses to Peers

    Part One: Please respond to this discussion question using 150 words and 1 reference.

    Suppose you have graduated with an MBA in Project Management and you have been working on a variety of projects in your current job. Now, you are ready to pursue a certification in Project Management, but you are not sure which one to get.

    Visit PMIs certification website at


    You will see several certification options. Select the certification that would most interest you and explain why you chose such a certification.

    Part Two: Please respond to each of the answers posted by 2 of your peers using 60 words per response. In your responses, please offer your opinion and ask questions to encourage further discussion.

    Peer 1:
    After looking at the certifications offered, I would be more inclined PMP and/or the PMI-PBA certification. While my current workload does not involve direct BA work, I do meet with a lot of stakeholders gathering requirements to build reports, dashboards, and any other output I can provide them as a means of showcasing/displaying their data. I feel this cert would be align the most with my current role and future roles that I may have. I also say the PMP cert because as the website deems it, it is the liquid gold of certs for personnel who work on projects and can potentially lead projects. Even if I’m not a direct PM, I would gain the wherewithal to understand all that is going on.

    Peer 2:
    PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)

    I think the PMI-RMP certification would be a great direction for me to take. It not only expands my knowledge base and marketability, but it helps to make my company more money. Having the risk management designation brings value to the services the company can offer. Also having a PMI-RMP saves the company money because with one employee they can cover two job titles.

    Now I have to get a job in Project management because I need 24 months of experience before I can sit for the RMP exam. During this covid-19 time, I am currently unemployed and actively looking. This has been a very interested class and given me a lot of perspective into this line of work. I am excited for the next chapter.

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