discussion board for history of photography class using only the attached links and pdf as sources

    You are to COPY AND PASTE the links below (watch the first link, a 13 minutes long video, the attached pdf, and the second link, read the content) ONLY USE THESE TWO LINKS AND THE ATTACHED PDF AS SOURCES.
    Then you are to answer/discuss the following questions highlighted in a discussion board format.
    Constructed photos and world histories
    Choose a portrait artist from the video, the second link or attached pdf and speak to how identity plays out in their work. What does the work say about them as an artist (psychologically) and what does it say about their subjects? Intertwine politics and/or identity politics within this short analysis.

    Keep simple, one paragraph 7 to 10 sentences max.  If using content from the video say as mention in the video lecture no citation need. This is an assignment for a discussion board so keep simple and use simple words



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