Discussion Board #3: Establishing the Learning Central Focus Sharon Lassiter

    Use  the NC Standard Course of Study for ELA, the lecture from October 26th and previous courses, and additional research to compose your response to the following questions. Each of you will be assigned a specific grade-level standard and text. Make sure you respond to at least one peer.

    Original Post due by October 30th. Peer Response due by November 1st.

    Discussion Board Questions

    What will be the central focus for the content of this lesson?
    What will be the specific learning goals for students in this lesson?
    What prior knowledge and/or gaps  may need to be addressed prior to teaching this standard?
    What academic language will students need to learn?
    Imagine that you were teaching a synchronous remote learning class and you only had 45 minutes to teach this lesson. What learning task(s) would you plan for the lesson?
    What research supports the learning task(s) as a best practice for student engagement and synchronous?

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