Making connections to research (2 page minimum – More is encouraged)

    Identify 5 themes that surfaced across your interview to the text and/or research articles
      –  As a reference, you can review the Detailed Contents at the beginning of the book 
      – Explain how the theories from the text and/or articles relate to the circumstances
    that surfaced from your interview
    Describe or connect to the 5 themes, 1-2 paragraphs per theme

    Please review the chapter activities in Canvas for a summary of the chapters from the text

    How does the information from your articles support or contradict the information that emerged from the interview?

    Please use your annotated bibliography as a resource

    This does NOT have to follow a 5-paragraph format.
    No introduction, conclusion reference page
    in-text citation
    I provided the book (only use Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 )

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