Student Learning Outcome:

    Identify the various quality programs offered by CMS.
    Select and submit electronic Clinical Quality measures associated with a medical specialty

    Please go to the Quality Payment Program web site (https://qpp.cms.gov/mips/quality-measures (Links to an external site.)) and select a specialty measure set for the medical specialty of your choice (select internal medicine if you dont have a preference).  Identify 6 measure that you think are the best clinical measures for that specialty (some specialties only have 6 quality measures) that represent population health (dont select them because they are easy to measure).

    Alternative site: https://qpp.cms.gov/mips/explore-measures/quality-measures?py=2019#measures (Links to an external site.)

    Describe the following:

    Are they process or outcome measures?
    What is the electronic capture and submission method?
    Are they considered high priority by CMS? Do you agree with that categorization?
    Can the measure be improved (e.g., are they described as yes/no and percentage of population because the clinical measure is unstructured data?)
    Is the measure appropriate to have as a federal or statewide reporting requirement?

    Note – (3-4 pages). APA format and cite the references. Please follow the Rubric for Assignment 2 that I have attached for you. Thank you so much.

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