For this week, read The New Marketing Chapter 5 on Designing Experiences to WOW Customers.

    Today, customer experience is more important than ever.  On page 87 in Chapter 5, focus on the Customer Choreography Map process.  I describe a consumer named Bob, who is unhappy with his current smartphone and cellular plan. His goal is to buy a new smartphone that has all the great features available and a plan that fits his high data usage.


    Review Bobs experience journey on pages 88 & 89 to understand the differences between Bobs Current State and the Ideal State” in buying a new smartphone.  To arrive at Bobs Ideal State, we basically identified the gaps in his current experience to create a better approach. 

    Why is Customer Experience the New Imperative by Brian Solis —



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    For Discussion (your assignment is . . . )

    Think of a recent customer experience you faced in purchasing a product.  Choose one of the following examples or come up with one of your own.

    The experience of buying a used or new car
    The experience of buying a new laptop
    The experience of buying a new smartphone
    The experience of buying a new pair of eyeglasses
    The experience of buying new headphones (high end)
    The experience of buying a new bed or furniture
    The experience of buying a new appliance
    Your own example of a purchase you experienced.

    Now, like the customer journey experienced by Bob to buy a new smartphone, I want you to discuss your experience purchasing either in a retail store or online.  Highlight the experience you had (current experience) and then discuss the ideal experience you wish you could have had).

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