According to the Pew Research Center (https://www.pewresearch.org/hispanic/2015/03/26/appendix-b-additional-national-tables-and-chart/), 11% percent of all United States restaurant and bar employees are undocumented immigrants, which translates to roughly 1.3 million people. In some places, like New York, Florida and the Southwest, the numbers are even higher.

    Use the fundamentals of moral reasoning and Kidder’s theory on moral dilemmas, described in the textbook, construct a moral argument in support of or opposition to the use of undocumented immigrants to combat the imminent hospitality and tourism labor shortage. Please keep your arguments grounded in the context of Kidder’s four ethical dilemmas and his three principles for resolving ethical dilemmas. Avoid any political assertions related to the dilemma.
    In response your response to other students, select a position counter to your own and discuss potential flaws in the counterargument.

    Critical Thinking – to enhance the critical thinking process there must be explicit questions being raised and/or assumptions being challenged regarding posts made by self or others.

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