View these three links all related to current day hospital transportation. Note some links go directly to videos; so be sure to watch them completely.




    Answer these questions with the justification behind each of your responses. Your justification should be based on previous experience or some kind of statistical evidence identified (i.e. 50% of the people in this area do not have cars based on an article by.).
    Scenario, youre walking your dog and you notice your neighbor has passed out while apparently trying to tend to their garden. You did everything in your knowledge to try to wake them, but you did not succeed. There is no one around. You call 911, and they indicate an ambulance would be there in 20 minutes. When you check your ride-sharing application (i.e. Uber or Lyft), you notice there is an uber within 2 minutes of your location. What do you do (wait on the ambulance, drive yourself, continue to look for others, call the ride-sharing app, or something else)?
    Give your thoughts on the thoughts on the lady injured in the subway:
    Is she out of her mind in your opinion? If so, why?
    Who is to blame for this thought process? Is the lady just overexaggerating? Should the government be ashamed, or should ambulance companies be ashamed of their high prices? Is there something else were not considering?

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