Discussion 2

    Review the module chapter. When you considered the following question, do you support the pluralist or elitist perspective of the health policy market? Why? Revisit your response and explain your answer in more detail. As support, refer to the pluralist theory or the power elite theory as it relates to health policymaking.

    Also, do a research on an interest group active in health policymaking (You may select an interest group referenced in Health Policymaking in the United States). Who is involved in the group, and on whose behalf does the group advocate? How successful is the interest group in influencing policymaking? Describe an example or two of health policies that have been supported or contested by this group. Give each other feedback also.

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    required textbook   

    Health Policymaking in the United States

    Longest Jr., Beaufort B.

    Health Administration Press, Sixth Edition 2016

    ISBN-13: 978-1567937190

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