Discussion 10

    Unit #10: Discussion #8: Whose Work Did You Like?
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    For this discussion, please post a reply of approximately 150 words.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7E_qAMZGk0&feature=emb_title

    Choose one of the four artists who you met through watching this week’s videos. Then, for that artist, please discuss the following:
    Whose work did you choose to discuss and why?
    What are the outstanding features and/or qualities of the person’s work?
    Do you think that this person’s work qualifies as art? Why or why not?
    Mention anything else you learned while watching any of the videos
    For full credit (up to 10 points) for any discussion, please complete all of the following:In your own words, post your initial discussion post (150 words) responding to the above mentioned question or directions. 
    Read and reply (50 words each) to 3 other posts in your group by the discussion due date.
    In your replies, please let your classmate know what you think of his/her post and point out anything that you strongly agree or disagree with.
    Be advised, students must post before seeing replies. If you choose not to read and reply to 3 other students, you will be docked 5 points.

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