Disclosure is important to think about these days – we want to be open and friendly at work, but being too open can lead a person into trouble. The four panes of the Johari Window, help explain the process of self-disclosure and consider our own levels of self-awareness in the communication process.

    Hello Everyone,

    The Johari Window is a great example of what we face in the workplace and in our everyday lives. Open- The open area in the Johari Window represents your “Public” or “Awareness” area. In this area, it contains information you know and others know about you. When it comes to working with others, it is important to keep an open but not too personal relationship with your co-workers. You want to be open enough to where people don’t look at you as the “Weird Guy” in the office space. Having casual conversations such as “How are you?, How is your day going? That presentation you did today was good, can I hear more? will cover this area of openness. 
    The Blind area consists of information others know about you but you’re not aware of it yourself. Being blind in certain situations can affect you in a negative way. You may think you’re coming off as supportive but your communication style to others may be directive. Taking feedback and listening to the opinions of the ones around you can weaken that blind area and make you self-aware.
    The Hidden area contains information about you that you know but others do not. I feel keeping something hidden from your work peers is healthy. You do not want to give too much information about yourself, especially personal information. Sharing is ok but I feel like even the most open person keeps at least one or two things to themselves. The Unknown area is made up of things unknown to you and others. A lot of us have an unknown area and many still question where their life will end up. People not aware of their capabilities or who lack motivation suffer from the “Unknown”. You may pass up on a job offer because you’re unaware that you may be the best qualified for the job.

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