digital marketing ; Develop an Innovative Marketing Initiative Using the Access Strategy

    Develop an Innovative Marketing Initiative Using the Access Strategy
    1.    Select a company or a business of a company. Why did you choose this company? What is the business challenge that you aim to solve with the Access strategy?
    2.    What is your specific business objective? Is it changing the brand image, repositioning the brand, driving sales, generating leads, or something else? Explain why you chose this strategy.
    3.    Who is your target customer? Think about the types or segments of customers that are most relevant to achieve the business objective. Break down your target segments and address their particular needs and characteristics.
    4.    What is your digital innovation using the Access Strategy? Some approaches to consider include on-demand services, location-based services or geo-fencing, mobile wallets and loyalty, solving a moment of need, omni-channel integration, and wearables. Provide details of your strategy.
    5.    Who do you need, inside or outside your business, to make your innovation successful? Think about different departments within the organization and partners outside the organization. Why are they essential to making this strategy a success?
    6.    How will you measure success against objectives? Think about what will validate your success in achieving the business objective. Use SMART metrics (Specific/Measureable/Attainable/Realistic/Time-bound).

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