Digital imge procssing

    TASK 1 Write Matlab functions to do the followings:

    1. Accept user input image. Allow user to select the image.

    2. Perform filtering functions on the input image.
    Select an image: Lena.png
    Convert to grayscale
    Add noise:
    Noise 1: Gaussian noise
    Noise 2: Salt & Pepper
    Perform filtering on image with each noise:
    a) Weighted Average filter
    b) Median filter
    c) Laplacian filter
    d) Ideal lowpass filter
    e) Butterworth highpass filter

    3. Display: Input image, image with noise, filtered image

    TASK 2 Write a Matlab function to perform image segmentation using:
    a) Global thresholding
    b) Iterative thresholding

    Load the image into memory. Convert to grey image. Then perform image segmentation.

    Select an image: Lena.png (use your own image)
    Perform segmentation:
    Display: Input image, Binary images (output images)
    NOTES: Filtering in frequency domain:
    i. The command fft2, fftshift, ifft2, ifftshift A = imread(Lenna.tiff);
    B = rgb2gray(A); C = fftshift(fft2(B)); figure, imshow(log(abs(C)), colormap(jet(64))),

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