NOT a paper, only used 2 pages as a guideline but should be a poster format

    Research one of the thousands of diets available except for Atkins, South Beach or Keto
    and design an infographic or digital poster about your chosen diet to inform consumers.

    Your final piece of work should include the following:
    Description of the diet – name, basic principles, etc
    Explain the scientific basis for the diet e.g. Atkins low carb diet is based on the principles of carbs being a sugar which can contribute to weight gain
    Include a typical daily menu
    Compare the diet to the RDIs – would you have a nutrient shortage or overage on this diet more than short term?
    Predict and explain the safety and effectiveness of the diet based on your research and knowledge. Is the diet suitable for long time usage or just very short term?
    Predict whether or not you think that people on the diet would reach their weight loss goals or not or are there certain types of people that would be successful
    Predict how the average person would adjust after stopping the diet
    Rate the diet overall give a final recommendation of whether or not it is a good or bad diet. If you think there could be some minor adjustments to make it good, then make the suggestions.

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