Descriptive Paragraphs for School Website

    I would like to have descriptive paragraphs written for my school website.

    1. Campus (100 – 200 words)
    I need an exciting and intriguing decriptive paragraph about my school campus. You can google ‘Colonial Houses Singapore’ for more information. Our school is just 3 of thesee buildings together on the same land.
    A important point to mention is that the school campus is a group of historical British colonial house located in Central Singapore.

    It is a very unique campus as we are the only one located in such a prestige location. (A readup on this type of building to aid with the write-up – Try to keep it short and sweet.

    2. Chinese Program (less than 100 words)
    More Info –

    3. Elective Program (100 – 150 words)
    Programs provided: Art Class/ Kids Gymnast Class/ Gardening Class/ Kids Yoga/ Kids Music Class/ Sports Class

    4. Enhanced Morning Curriculum
    Addition of Waterplay, Cooking Classes, Music Appreciation (where outside professionals share about different music genres/ instruments) in morning classes, on top of usual classes.

    5. Cohesive Family (around 100 words)
    The school holds family days where parents are able to interact with their children etc. Previous examples are activities like going to a fishing with parents, soccer date with family, team building within different families in class. 

    6. Inclusive Community (150 – 200 words)
    Background Info –

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