Descriptive paper on Saint Joseph and the Infant Child

    Length: 1100 words of text, double spaced, font 12 pt, Times New Roman or Courier.[2] Your paper will include THREE to FIVE footnotes referencing the literature you consulted. Please, attach a cover sheet indicating your name, my name, the name of our course, course meeting times, the artist and name of the work of art you picked, as well as the museum where this work is located. This cover sheet and all addenda do NOT count into the 1100 words required to pass this assignment! A picture of the artwork must be attached to your paper! The paper must be written in a flowing essay style. Have somebody read your paper for language mistakes. Consult the writing lab for proof-reading. Grammar mistakes, major errors in sentence structure, nonsensical expressions, or typing mistakes have no place in a college level research paper. Papers with more than 5 language errors will be severely graded down.

    Follow this Outline:

    Your first paragraph will be entitled INTRODUCTION. It will be about one paragraph. Identify the museum, exhibit title, and content and scope of the exhibit. Give your reader some of the reasons why you picked this particular artwork. Describe your experience looking through the various museum websites. 


    Your second paragraph will be entitled: DESCRIPTION. You will give a brief description of the artwork, NEVER longer than a page, ideally shorter.


    Your third paragraph will be entitled presentation of research. You might need more paragraphs to present your research. Use a separate paragraph for the individual ideas you are presenting (example: biography, color, composition, materials, etc.). Try to find literature (books, peer-reviewed articles, etc., NOT a generic website such as Wikipedia!) that mention your artist/artwork. Access GALE or EBSCO Host for peer-reviewed articles through the College Library site. Your research must be based on the work of art used in your Museum Paper. The research discusses a number of aspects of the work of art, such as the time period, style or related ideas. Give the authors opinions and quote them correctly as follows. ATTENTION: You will lose a substantial amount of points if you quote inadmissible sources. Sources that are admissible and those that are NOT allowed are listed on pages 1 and 2 of this handout. Only 3-5 footnotes in your paper!

            Quote your sources using Chicago-Turabian-style footnotes. If you dont know what Turabian-style footnotes look like consult The Chicago Manual of Style. Basic formats, however, are shown under ad 6) on page 1 and 2 of this handout.

            This website might help you format your footnotes: (Links to an external site.)

    8.5. SUMMARY:

    Your last paragraph will be entitled: SUMMARY. Now you may express and opinion weighing all the written sources you consulted previously. You CANNOT have a qualified opinion if you only do a google search or use inadmissible material!


    As a separate page, your paper will include a bibliography. It will bear the headline BIBLIOGRAPHY. The bibliography must have at least three sources. It is important for you to visit a library and learn how to use it correctly. List your sources in alphabetical order according to the authors last name. You will display this information like you did in your footnotes. Be advised that you cannot put sources in your bibliography when you dont quote them in your text.

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