Description & Narration

    Write one paragraph of description and narration (SHOW!) in which you will expend on the following three prompts (TELL!):

    (1) The man carrying a dog climbed into a truck filled with cages.

    (2) The child and his bird walked into a room where he met an alien.

    (3) The woman walked into a bar where she saw three dead bodies.

    Simply describe that particular character entering the setting. You should be able to do plenty of characterization combined with a very vivid rendition of the setting itself. Start right at the beginning of the action. Skip any introduction. Do not utilize DIALOGUE and/or INTERIORITY.

    Make sure to employ as many literary techniques as possible from among the ones below:

    (1) significant details (only describe that which is absolutely necessary);

    (2) specific vocabulary (stay away from generic verbs and nouns, and only use very concrete, specific ones;

    (3) utilize all five senses (on top of visual cues, employ auditory, olfactive, tactile, and gustatory);

    (4) figurative language (use comparisons and metaphors as punch lines).

    REQUIRED LENGTH: Each paragraph needs to be between 150 words.

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