depression and suicide

    For this paper your assignment is to do some serious academic research on a controversial issue. Your research should come from credible academic, peer reviewed, journals. It should grow from your annotated bibliography assignment into a full analysis paper.  Research a complex issue and find two writers that agree in conclusionboth say we should not decrease childrens recessbut use different reasoning to come to the same final conclusionauthor A says this improves social skills, but B says this improves academic performance in the classroom.

    Example: So if we chose the recess argument both authors agree that extended playtime is important for childhood growth.  One author might focus on health aspects of increased play, but our second might focus on intellectual and social benefits to more play.

    Use these two viewpoints to compare and contrast the arguments against each other and weigh their worth.  Why is one more valuable/convincing/interesting than the other? Make sure both viewpoints are intellectually sound and interesting to you as a thinker.  (In other words you should agree with the conclusion that play should be increased for children, but the reasons why should be a point up for analysis.

    In your paper you will need to have at least 2 total citations on your works cited page (more is fine).  Each citation must be from an academic journal.  Make sure both articles are interesting with powerful arguments, because if one argument is weak or unrepresented, it will ruin your paper. Summarize the varying viewpoints. Use quotes to recount the most important aspects of the two viewpoints you have selected. Analyze what is important about each argument. You should have two quotes per page and one longer block quote in your paper.  It should be about 7 pages long, plus a works cited page.

    At the end, this should be 1 paragraph, the writer can go into why they value, based on the information presented in the two researched academic papers, one argument more than the other.

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